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Hello! My name is Diana. I am tender, reliable and interesting person. I hope to find a man of my dream, he should be intelligent, interesting, honest and romantic man.

My name is Anastasia. I work as a model. Not long ago I won the beauty competition in my town; it was called ďMiss ZaporozhieĒ. But I donít consider such career important for me. I enjoy reading; especially I like to read the Russian classic literature like Dostoevsky and Pikul. I love to read fiction, and also Jack London. I wish to meet a kind, understanding, merry and uncommon man. I believe that the most important thing in relations is trust.
I am an attractive and intelligent girl with a good sense of humor. Fond of music, jazz especially. Quite often I go to exhibitions, concerts and sometimes to clubs as well. I prefer spending my weekends in the countryside, where I can relax and spend some time in peace and quiet. Besides I do yoga and play tennis, combining all that with my love of cooking.
Hello! My name is Dasha. I work as an interpreter and this gives me a chance to travel a lot. I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I am always open to something new in my life.
I will never leave people in trouble and I do not like to be impolite. I am kind and attentive. I try to treat people in the way I would like them to treat me. I am economic person and I enjoy making the place where I live cozier. I love children and family atmosphere.
 I am optimistic, kind, romantic, good-tempered, honest, cheerful and reliable.
Iím a psychologist. I work with kids. I have done family counseling so many times but as they say ďif things worked best for someone, it doesnít necessarily mean they will work for you tooĒ. Who am I to give any piece of advice on how to have a happy relationship if Iím still single myself?
I am peaceful, sensual, open-minded lady, beautiful inside& out, family oriented woman. I like to cook very much.
I'm an interesting person, with good sense of humor and big heart. I like good movies and spend time at the interesting places with interesting people.
I believe that love, understanding and respect are very important in relationships. I love to smile, because I have a beautiful smile.
HI! Iím positive, nice looking, and sociable lady looking for serious man.
I want to meet with smart and funny, strong and gentle man in good shape... he should make me happy.
HI! Iím young, sexy, kind and very interesting girl. I have god sense of humor; I like jokes, parties, and meetings with friends.
I have a lot of friends and I am always ready to help people, if they need me. I do not present my life without my friends.
I am very romantic and serious girl. I want to create a strong loving family with a passion inside)).
Hello from Moscow! My name is Olga! I am similar to the wonderful flower. I am open and sincere in what I say. In general I am positive nature women, easygoing and slim.
Desire to perceive the world, desire to create and desire to love - these are my constituents of life. I love trips and sport. In my spare time I like travel, meeting with my friends and reading interesting books.
I am jolly and serious, impulsive and romantic, honest and sincere, and sentimental.
Hi! My name is Alena! I am kind, romantic and charming lady. I like sport, traveling and to know new people. I like to visit new places. I want to meet with man who have the same interests in the life.
I'm very beautiful, kind and gentle lady which wants to find the second half. I am an interesting interlocutor.
I search you to have a happy life together. I need man who can take care about me and who let me care about him.
I think youíll like my individual, as my talent is to see the beauty in everything, and show this beauty to the others. I want to tell Iíll manage to show this beauty to you, too, to the man that will be my friend, my confidant, my lover, or, to make long story short, the second half.
I dream about family life, would like to have my own children. If you already have kids I am sure we will become good friends.
I'm pretty independent person, but I'd like to see the man next to me who made me feel that I am a woman, beloved and loving. I have not lost desire and ability to love and care for the man who would be a lot of meaning for me.
Mutual understanding, communication and willingness to compromise play an important role in any relationship including an ideal relationship.
I can caresses and be reserved. It's easy and difficult to be with me. Try to fall in love with me but be careful. I can be silly and boring but I can also be witty. I'm smart and serious.

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I think that life is short and we'd better use it and enjoy it, give joy to each other, because we can't be happy when we are lonely. I respect people who enjoy life, appreciate life, who have good kind attitude to people and never stop to develop their personality. I am a plain girl, and I need a man whom I will respect in all the spheres, he should not be some famous (they donít have much time for their families), or rich, or some star or the Nobel Prize laureate, but a man who really wants the same as I do. I believe in soul mates and believe that doing something towards your dream, you increase the chances in getting it) Hello!! My name is Veronica! I from the remarkable city of Odessa, have lived 6 years in the city of Kiev, but have at present returned home. I believe that there is my real soul mate in the world and I want to find my beloved. I want my loving man to be the best friend, partner and lover for me.
I still want to believe that my dream will come true. . . . I used to trust people. I have a good sense of humour and a lot of hobbies. I know how to love and cherish relationships. HI! Iím sociable and positive young lady. I have good sense of humor I like to laugh. I like dancing, to go to the cinema and theater. HI! Iím young, reliable and caring person. I prefer honest relations and lovely man near.
I'm a very tender girl with good character; everything in my life is Ok! I want to love and be loved. HI! Iím young, modern and sexy girl. Iím reliable and donít like when man not serious in relations. HI! Iím Alina. I live in Moscow, Russia. Iím positive, smart, educated and sociable girl. Iím young, sexy and very attractive girl. I like photo design and fashion. I am modern and active.
I am attractive girl with kind and romantic character. I am well educated and like to enjoy the good conversation. I have a great sense of humour and can enjoy the life. My passion is trips, art, sport and music. I play the piano very good. I am intelligent, family-oriented, warm hearted, serious, kind, caring, honest, elegant, beautiful lady who wants to get married and have a family I want to find a nice man. He must be who he is and I will accept him in this way with his good and bad features. I want him to be kind, loving man! I like to be in atmosphere of harmony and I like to create atmosphere of harmony around me. I do not like noisy and stress and I guess that woman must have three qualities for family life. There are calm, anxiety and kind. These qualities are necessary for life together because she must bring atmosphere of harmony in family life. I have these three necessary qualities. I like to move all time. It is a reason why I like an active life.
Hi, Dear friend! I miss a very special person who will make me smile in the morning just by being in my life. I think an ideal relationship is impossible without two people who are eager not only to take, but also to give. I am slim with charming appearance. I am witty, spontaneous, affectionate and passionate girl from Russia that want to meet a man of all my life. Hi! My name is Nina. I'm  here because I want to found my second health and I need in serious relations with man who will love me and who will be near with me. I always stay positive and I never lost hope that there can be real love between man and woman!
I am sociable, cultural, kind and generous, attentive, neat and positive with that person who really deserves it. In people I appreciate honesty and sincerity. Well Iím very open minded girl, I like to do a lot of things for fun, and Iím always open for one more:)Iím honest person like I want to be honest with me because I hate mostly the dishonesty and I think that the way you treat people thatís the way they will treat you so to be good with people I have kind of few rules like always say hi first and be honest. I dance, I draw, kind, sympathetic, with sense of humor. I am lovely, cheerful, self-assured girl in whom the ocean of passions disappears.
Hello! Iím Anna I can say that Iím smart, honest and very sexy girl. I like sea, sun and rest with my friends. Iím sociable, have a lot of friends. In relationship I appreciate comfort and stability, no dramas or fights. I am very peaceful and romantic. Every day of my life I try to conduct with expensive to me people. I always try to live with optimism. I have many various hobbies and interests. I'm very tender, romantic and sencerely girl with good sense of humor. I'm sporty, active and very kind. I like to do many things, especially I like walks near with sea, I like traveling in new places, I adore flowers and pets. I'm very interesting and charming girl.
I am family oriented, romantic, kind, honest, loyal, sincere and sensitive. I believe in true Love. I value honesty, sincerity in relationships. It's possible to say about me that I got lost somewhere in the medieval times with its knights and nobility. I still believe that decency and an ability to keep one's word were and am a basis and adornment of any century. I like going to the country, at the beach, camping, enjoy water and the sun, like the theater, music and reading. I would describe myself as a kind, faithful, reliable, loving and caring girl. I love music, theatre, architecture, art, flowers, nature, travelling. I like to read books, learning new things and languages, gardening and all beautiful. Hope to meet someone I could rely on in any way and also someone whom it is possible to have fun with. Communication at difficult times and forgiveness for mistakes happened.
Honest, fun, creative, kind, sincere and loyal lady. I have a habit of sharing my love for life with everyone. Iím like the Sun that makes everything around bright and warm. I'm an active and funny girl, kind and open. I'd like to meet a man with whom I could create a family. I would like him to have a great sense of humor as I appreciate that quality. Sincerity must be an essential feature of his character. It would be great if he is not afraid of dream and put those dreams to life. Iím interesting, attractive young woman, men frequently get acquainted with me in places where I am.
I want to find my other half knowing that he needs me and will live with me as in I am beautiful, intelligent and active girl who is fond of many things. Iím sporty, kind and very sociable. It is very hard for me to describe myself, but if my close people were asked to describe me, they would tell you that I am optimistic, cheerful, open, very easy-going girl. I also attend a course of English for business. I go in for Latin dances, swimming, jogging. Iím looking for my second half here. I am very lonely and want to find a man foe my life. I am cheerful and sociable. I have many friends. They say that I am kind, considerate, clever and honest. But if someone wants me to go against my principles, I can be very firm.
Iím modern, romantic and very tender girl. I am looking for serious relations only. Hi! My name is Daria. I live in the Kiev, Ukraine. Iím modern, educated, gentle and positive girl. I like to do a lot of different things. HI there! Iím active, young, positive, kind and very charming girl. Iím student, studying in University. Iím smart and active person. Hello! My name is Daria. I have University education, master degree. Iím marketing researcher by my occupation. Also, I work as a model. I visited Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherlands and Thailand. I would like to meet reliable, loving and attentive man.
Hello! Iím positive and educated girl. Have good sense of humor. Iím looking good because I like sport. I love kids and animals. I am woman that knows what she wants and who she is looking for.... always stay positive and I never lost hope that there can be REAL LOVE between man and woman.... I do not want, I do not love and I am not able to wait, I have got used to receive everything and at once.
I am very cheerful smart lady, who always tries to see something good in everything: in every person, in every moment of this life. I have a lot of interests and I try to spend time with family and friends. I am ready to listen to people and give advises and to give them my support if they need me. I am searching for serious and reliable man, the one to share and to enjoy life together. I want a man who loves life and knows how to treat a real woman. I am very romantic, kind and modest girl. I like dancing, sport, reats on the nature and I adore sunsets. I am  very tender lady. I need in kind, gentle and honest man. I am not a brave woman and want to escape from difficulties sometimes. I want to find a man who can be always be my rock and makes me strong enough to face every challenge.
My dream is to find a nice man with a warm heart and soul, to have a romantic dinner with and walk hand in hand under the moon and a sky full of stars, talking about all those things which make a woman and man lives so attractive and beautiful. Deep inside, each of us most wants to love, but sometimes we are probably just forgetting about it. Optimistic, outgoing and ambitious girl from Ukraine, Kiev. I believe that life is a very precious gift and we come into this world only once to know all good and bad sides of it and to experience brightest and joyful moments. Hello! Iím modern and educated lady. Music is my profession - I'm a singer in opera. I adore theater, walks and traveling. Iím interesting in literature, nature, new places and new people.
I can say a lot about myself but I think it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. HI! Iím Lilia. Iím form Kiev. I can say that my character is good and easy for communication. Hello! I'm a nice woman with blue eyes, pleasant smile and optimistic character. I am a joyful, responsible, independent and tender, with good sense of humor lady.
I'm family-oriented, loving and caring and I want to find a man I can dedicate my whole life to, give all my care and tenderness. I believe in true love and I'm looking for a man of my life; kind, responsible, honest, independent man, who is interested in serious relationship, who will become my husband, my lover and my friend. My name is Victoria. I am good-looking, positive woman with a precise position in life ready to have serious relationship and capable to build them, who knows simple values of life, believes in the right moment and, of course, easily deals with hardship. I have golden heart which is not beating only for myself, but also others around me. Kindness, loyalty, sincerity about feelings and respect the things that i consider the most. I can be warm and kind, but of course if I donít like something I can be not so nice and I can be demanding.

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At first glance I'm the normal girl, like millions around the world. But when you learn more about me, you'll understand that I am the most special girl in the world, with my inner world.

I'm honest, kind, faithful, friendly, open, creative, passionate, and family-oriented, with traditional values, flexible, feminine, elegant, well-mannered, intelligent, educated woman with a great sense of humor. I like sport; I go to the gym and swimming pool 3 times per week. I like to take care about my health and appearance very much. I'm interested in the surrealism and my favorite artist is Salvador Dali. I like fashion, animals. I love to meet with my friends and family. I'm interested in psychology and philosophy. I like to read, theatre, galleries, nature, beautiful beaches, sun. I can enjoy being in a restaurant, a club or on holiday but I can also appreciate the cosines of home. I like to spend time and help as much as I can children who are living in the orphanage and who don't have parents and happy life.

I am optimistic, kind, romantic, good-tempered, honest, cheerful and reliable. I like nature, swimming, walking, traveling, music, theatre and cinema.

I am a girl with serious and honest intentions and good manners. I am looking for a serious relationship. I am looking forward to meet you, my prince!

For me having the right person by my side is a part of the happiness. So, I'm looking, I'm trying, I'm doing something to change what I have because this is still a white spot in my life and I want to fulfill it.

I think that every person in the world should to be happy and they should to have their one and only. So, I want to find it too. I think it is honest, reliable, gentle man with good sense of humor and good manners.

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